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What is #TheMAPBook?

Have you ever wanted to manifest your dreams?

The MAP Book is a personal guide that follows a step-by-step process that forces you to use the Law of Attraction.

Manifestation techniques which are PROVEN to give you the best results in your life. It’s not just any book on how to manifest, it’s THE BOOK!

You can have anything and everything you want using this book. All of your desires will come true if only you follow these steps. 

This is what all successful people do and now so can YOU! 

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This works regardless of your current life situation, financial conditions, or your location.

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Learn About Secrets which once you implement them, you will have the most productive year to date, and do things you never thought was possible!
With the MAP book, you'll learn how to operate BY LAW and have life work FOR YOU. This video will give 3+ secrets of what this powerful book can do for your life!

The Map is a guidebook that has 16 years' worth of compiled information on it in order to help people answer questions about operating by law with their lives. 

The MAP book contains everything that people need for their success, from understanding money basics to getting out of debt fast! All these resources are presented as simple steps which can be easily understood by anyone who watches this video
  • You will learn how to get what you want.
  • You will have a better understanding of who you are
  • You'll get what you want quicker than ever before.
  • You will be able to manifest your desires more quickly. 
  • Get in touch with your inner self and understand what you really want for yourself.
  • Learn how to take control of the universe and make it bend to your will.
  • Be empowered to get what you want in life, instead of settling for less.
About the Creator of #theMAPbook
Richard Addo-Kessie is a student and mentor of universal laws. He has built successful companies applying these principles in everything he does. Now his purpose is to share these teachings with the world so that everyone can live a fulfilled life and not one of struggle and pain.

As a student, Richard has studied numerous fields including self-development, spirituality, business management, marketing strategy, the law of attraction, and more. As a mentor, he assists those who are on their own journeys through coaching sessions or meditations by zoom or phone call as well as being available for mentorship via email correspondence and in person. 

He believes that anything is possible if you believe it enough, but it's also important to take responsibility for your actions because without ACTION you cannot see any result
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